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Certified RESNET Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Raters are qualified professionals who offer a variety of valuable home energy services to their clients. 

To earn HERS Rater certification, candidates must complete the following three steps: 

HERS Rater Training Course :

  • BER is Accredited by RESNET as a HERS Rater Training Provider
  • BER's Online, On-Demand HERS Rater Training Course meets RESNET's HERS Rater Training requirement

HERS Rater Exams :

  • RESNET National HERS Rater Exam
  • RESNET CAZ Simulation Exam
  • RESNET HERS Practical Simulation Exam

Probationary HERS Ratings :

  • Complete 5 Probationary HERS ratings
    • 2 Probationary Ratings from Plans
    • 3 Probationary Ratings on constructed homes

For professionals looking to become a fully Certified HERS Rater, Building Efficiency Resources is proud to offer multiple options to becoming certified. For more information on these HERS Rater certification options, please click on the corresponding links below. 

HERS Rater Training Online Course

HERS Rater Certification Mentorship



Why Become a Certified HERS Rater

Whether you have an established business in the building performance industry, or are transitioning into a new career field, adding RESNET Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Rater certification to your list of skills and services will create opportunities to succeed in the energy efficiency industry.


The RESNET Rater certification is the premier designation for residential energy professionals, as RESNET Raters are trained to assess every aspect of a residential structure for its relevant energy efficiency, such as insulated building assemblies and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Additionally, Raters are trained to test the building shell for air infiltration and duct systems for leakage using specialty diagnostic testing equipment like blower doors and duct blasters.


Most importantly, RESNET Raters are qualified to rate a home by entering home energy efficiency data into energy modeling software like REM/Rate, which allows them to generate a variety of reports on the home. Selected reports can show anticipated energy costs and consumption, which particular components of the home are using the most energy, and what improvements would be most beneficial and cost effective.


Using these skills, Raters are able to help new construction homebuilders and existing home clients make decisions on how to improve the energy efficiency of homes in an intelligent and affordable manner. Furthermore, Raters are able to:

  • Produce a RESNET HERS Index for a home, which gives homebuilders, owners and buyers easy to understand information about how their home performs relative to others
  • Verify compliance with the ENERGY STAR ® Qualified New Homes program, as well as other energy efficiency programs such as LEED for Homes ®, NAHB Green, and more…
  • Earn builders the 2005 EPAct $2000 Builder Home Energy Efficiency Tax Credit
  • Prove energy code compliance for new construction projects by performing the diagnostic testing and performance energy modeling requirements of the 2009 IECC, 2012 IECC and others
  • Earn homeowners, builders and other clients valuable State and utility rebate incentives, which in certain areas can add up to thousands of dollars
  • Qualify a home for an Energy Efficiency Mortgage (EEM) or Energy Improvement Mortgage (EIM), which allows homeowners to easily finance energy improvements, saving them considerable money in total mortgage and utility costs over the term of the mortgage


In addition to these attractive skills and services that a Rater can provide, RESNET Raters are the only energy efficiency professionals that are required to join a Provider organization, such as The BER, which performs Quality Assurance (QA) reviews of the Raters’ work to ensure that they are accurately performing their ratings in accordance with the RESNET Mortgage Industry National Home Energy Rating System Standards. This additional layer of QA helps Raters sell their services as being truly 3rd-party, and provides assurance to their clients that their work is accurate.