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State Energy Code Training

Introducing State Energy Code Training

BER is proud to introduce a new series of State Energy Code Trainings, the first comprehensive training of its kind. These trainings cover amendments to the International Energy Conservation Code adopted by each state, updates to the current State Energy Code compared to the previous version, and compliance methods for each path under the current code.

Whether you're a builder in Massachusetts eyeing expansion into Connecticut or a Rater in Ohio considering a move to Washington, these trainings are for you. Designed for industry professionals such as energy raters, code officials, homebuilders, contractors, and policy officials, these sessions focus on state energy code updates and briefly touch on code history.

Each state will be offered as its own training, and some regional bundles will be available at a discounted rate. Certain state trainings will be available as free, concise webinars for minor code changes that don’t warrant a full training. Explore the map below to find your state's adopted IECC Model Code and current live trainings.

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for a wealth of valuable content, interactive courses, and so much more!