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Building Efficiency Resources (aka BER) is a RESNET Accredited HERS Rating Provider.

We are proud to offer Rating Provider services to RESNET certified Home Energy (HERS) Raters, HERS Modelers and Rating Field Inspectors throughout the United States.

Our qualified staff understands what it takes to have a successful HERS rating company and would like to help your business flourish. BER was formed on the simple idea to offer first class customer service, support, resources and training to businesses like yours. We exist to help make HERS rating companies and their RESNET certified professionals successful. Nothing more, nothing less. 

We understand that choosing a HERS Rating Provider is an important decision for your business. When making this decision, you need to ask yourself...

What can your HERS Rating Provider do for you?

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helping your business grow

Quick Answers

BER clients receive fast, real time answers to technical questions as well as full Ekotrope integration for faster ratings that will save your business time & money. The result is efficient ratings that save time & money.

BER Mission

Our mission is simple: to support the growth and success of energy rating and green building companies by providing industry leading technical, educational and Quality Assurance services.

Your Team

Our 12 full-time staff includes 7 QADs & trainers, plus green building, energy code, and program specialists. BER is proud to be an NCBPA member, and maintains representatives on the RESNET Board of Directors and ANSI Standards committees.

BER is proud to offer several services that you will find helpful and attractive:

  • Competitive pricing providing potential saving of upwards of $1000/ year over the cost of other Providers with additional discounts for high volume

  • Industry leading technical support from multiple, experienced, full-time professionals

  • Guaranteed customer service with fast rating turnaround times. Standard turnaround time is 1 business day. If your rating does not receive a review within 2 business days, that rating is free.

  • Always local providing services nationwide with no travel costs to our clients

  • Innovation with our online database and resources, business development and administrative services to help grow your business

  • Partnerships with industry organizations such as Passive House Institute US, the Northeast HERS Alliance, ENERGY STAR, LEED For Homes and more

  • Representation for the interests of our clients to RESNET, the EPA ENERGY STAR New Homes program, and other industry organizations

Help At Any Level Of Training

Are you just learning about becoming a "Certified Home Energy Rater" or are you just looking to complete your provisional ratings? Whatever step in the process of becoming certified you are at - BER is here to help. From training to mentorship, we will ensure that you are confident in utilizing your skills for your Rating business.