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RFI Training Registration Form Instructions

Please use the form below to register for RFI Training.

  • If training selected is listed as Online Training Only, it will not include Graded Field Evaluation (GFE) or Certification.
  • Enter the full name and email address of the student in the registration form.
    • If student is not employed by a company, please enter student name.
  • Ensure all information is accurate before clicking Submit.
  • Upon clicking Submit, you will be able to make payment using Paypal or credit card.
  • In order to pay using ACH, or to receive a member or promotional discount, please check Send Invoice before clicking Submit.
Only Alphabets and Periods are allowed in company name.

Please fill out the information below. Enter a authorized Company Representative with legally binding authority. This is usually a company officer, supervisor, or owner. If the student is not with a company, please enter valid student name, email, phone, and home mailing address.


RFI Training includes a six month non-refundable, non-transferable license to the online training course.

Licenses are issued to individual students, intended for a single user and may not be shared with another user.

Training extensions are available to students who have not completed their purchased training within the timeframe allowed.

  • Students are given the opportunity to extend their training period for an additional 6 months for $149.00. Extension invoices are automatically generated and sent via email up to 30 days preceding the training expiration date.
  • If the invoice sent is not paid within 60 days, the student will no longer be able to extend current training and will be required to purchase the full training at a later date.