RESNET HERS Rating Provider

Building Efficiency Resources (aka The BER) is a RESNET Accredited HERS Rating Provider.

We are proud to offer Rating Provider services to Home Energy Raters throughout the United States.

Our qualified staff understands what it takes to have a successful HERS rating and Home Performance company and would like to help your business flourish. The BER was formed on the simple idea to offer first class customer service, support, resources and training to businesses like yours. We exist to help make Raters and Home Performance professionals successful. Nothing more, nothing less.

We understand that choosing a HERS Rating Provider is an important decision for your business. When making this decision, you need to ask yourself...

What can your HERS Rating Provider do for you?

The BER is proud to offer several services that you will find helpful and attractive:

  • Guaranteed responses to technical or program questions within eight business hours or your next rating is free. We have two full time professionals, both experienced HERS Managers and Quality Assurance Designees, to work with you.

  • Two-business-day turnaround on rating certification, plan reviews, or any other procedural issues pertaining to the HERS process.

  • True third-party Provider services: no one at The BER practices as a Rater, so no one engaged in serving your business will ever compete with you in any way. We exist to enable your success by supporting you and providing the tools, training and resources that you will need to grow your business and compete in the marketplace.

  • Fair fee structure: low rating certification fees, reduced multiple use rating fees, sliding scale QA fees. Same fees apply to all Raters; large volume Raters do not underwrite costs related to small volume Raters. Our annual and per rating fees are simple, fair and affordable.

  • Opportunities for our Raters: In addition to being a RESNET Rating Provider, The BER is also a RESNET Sampling Provider, EPA Indoor airPLUS Provider, and an EPA WaterSense Provider. As our membership increases, we will also be looking for qualified HERS Raters to act as regional BER QADD’s (Quality Assurance Designee Delegates).

  • Training: The BER offers high-quality online training, including technical and business development training, regular daily updates and announcements on relevant industry news and business opportunities, and a bi-monthly BER Rater only newsletter. The BER is also an accredited Training Provider and offers RESNET approved Rater Professional Development Training, as well as ENERGY STAR v3 Rater Partner Training.

  • Full time, qualified staff so there are no lengthy delays on any decisions regarding your business. We understand that your time is your money.

  • As full time consultants and providers of services and resources to building performance professionals, the needs and success of our clients are the #1 priority for The BER. We know how to help.

Have you taken a HERS Rater training course and passed the RESNET National Rater Exam, but are not yet a Certified Home Energy Rater? If so, The BER provides exceptional mentorship for provisional Raters through their 3 provisional Ratings. We have a proven mentoring process that will ensure that you are confident in utilizing your skills as a Rater and are ready to build your Rating/Home Performance business.

If you think what The BER has to offer will work for your business, contact us and we'll give you a call. We're excited to work with you!

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