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We’ve made updates to the BER Portal! The process for updating your equipment calibration records in the BER Portal has changed. We hope that these changes will enhance your experience and provide clarity.


  1. For new equipment, Users will input Equipment Type, Model #, Manufacturer, Serial #, Calibration Method, and upload documentation for Proof of Calibration/Calibration Check. Users are not able to fill in the fields for Calibration Check or Expiration Date.
    1. Users will click “Add Equipment” and BER Staff will be alerted of your changes.
  2. For existing equipment, Users click “Edit Profile”, upload new Proof of Calibration for desired pieces of equipment.
    1. Users will click “Update” at the bottom of the page and BER Staff will be alerted of your changes.
  3. The “Calibration Check Date” and the “Expiration Date” will show blank or “mm/dd/yyyy” until BER Staff has reviewed Proof of Calibration.
  4. BER Staff will review Proof of Calibration and, if approved, will enter the "Calibration Check Date" into the BER Portal. If not approved, BER Staff will reach out via phone and/or email.
  5. After review and approval, users can easily view expiration dates for each piece of equipment. Expiration date generates automatically according to RESNET standards.


Please do not hesitate to contact our team via the BER Support System if you experience any issues, have questions, or have suggestions for further improvements.



REM v16.3.4 & Ekotrope v4.1


BER is currently accepting REM v16.3.4 & Ekotrope v4.1. BER shall require use of the new software versions for any new projects per the RESNET Persistence rule.  In REM v16.3.4, make sure to select the correct version of ANSI 301 depending on the permit date. For ratings with a permit date prior to 1/1/22, you may also submit the confirmed rating in the version the REM file was created in.  You may continue to use Ekotrope v3.2.4 if the permit date is prior to 1/1/22.


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