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ENERGY STAR Version 3 marks a tremendous step forward for the new home construction industry. Building off of the success of ENERGY STAR Version 2, which in 2009 attained an impressive near 21% market share of all new homes, ENERGY STAR v3 will offer homeowners an impressive advancement in energy savings and quality over previous versions of the program. The new




ENERGY STAR Version 3 is able to deliver a level quality superior to other typical new construction because it is employs above-code energy efficiency measures, advanced building science practices, and is thoroughly verified by a Certified Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Rater. Raters who work with Building Efficiency Resources as their provider are exceptionally qualified to deliver the level of quality needed to qualify a home under the ENERGY STAR Version 3 standard.

The heart of the ENERGY STAR Version 3 program is in its dedication to the details of making a home efficient, comfortable, durable and safe. These details are verified through the ENERGY STAR Version 3 inspection checklists, including:


For homeowners looking to build or purchase a new home, ENERGY STAR Version 3 qualified New Homes offer superior quality that is verified by independent third-party HERS Raters to meet the rigorous program standards. If you are a homeowner looking to have your home qualified under ENERGY STAR Version 3, contact us for more information.

For Raters who would like to participate in the ENERGY STAR New Homes Version 3 program, EPA mandates that all Raters must be trained on the ENERGY STAR Version 3 standards. The BER offers innovative online training for HERS Raters to become ENERGY STAR Version 3 New Homes Verification Partners.


Breaking News: ENERGY STAR version 3 deadline extension

-The transition from Version 2 to 3 of EPA’s ENERGY STAR for New Homes Program represents the most significant change since the inception of the program. EPA created Version 2.5 as a critical but short-term transition specification that would help partners prepare for full implementation of Version 3 in 2012. During this period, EPA is willing to provide flexibility to help partners prepare for long-term success under v3.

-In response to partner feedback, EPA made a policy decision in December 2010 to postpone the implementation date of Version 2.5 to homes permitted after April 1, 2011, instead of January 1, 2011. However, EPA did not change the corresponding July 1, 2011 completion deadline for homes permitted prior to April 1, 2011. Partners have noted that this policy created a very short timeframe for homes to be completed under Version 2 or improved to meet the requirements for Version 2.5. In response to this feedback, EPA will allow homes permitted before April 1, 2011 to be qualified under Version 2 until December 31, 2011. Homes completed after January 1, 2012 must be qualified under Version 3. EPA is not adjusting the implementation schedule for homes permitted after April 1, 2011 and strongly encourages partners to move to Version 2.5 as soon as possible.

-Completing projects under Version 2.5 will give builders valuable experience implementing new energy efficiency upgrades and applying the expanded inspection checklists. Early feedback has confirmed that taking full advantage of Version 2.5 reduces errors and rework and identifies cost-saving strategies to meet the Version 3 guidelines. Without the experience gained through this transitional period, partners may face significant challenges qualifying homes under Version 3.

-This change does not affect the Version 3 implementation date of January 1, 2012 (except for projects that fall under the low-income financing exemption detailed in the full timeline). Implementing the Version 3 guidelines on January 1, 2012 will protect the integrity of the program in light of aggressive code changes, maintain coordination with partner programs, and reward the significant investments already made by partners in preparation for Version 3.

-It is important to note that regional and/or utility incentive programs may choose to retain the previous implementation timeline when defining the eligibility for special designations or incentives from their programs. Be sure to check with your local program representatives for more information. EPA will update the ENERGY STAR Web site and program materials soon to reflect this change. Thank you for your continued support of the program. Please direct questions to