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Let’s Discuss: Remote QA & Mentoring

Here we are, mid-summer and where is my annual Quality Assurance review? Many of you may indeed be asking that same question. So, I want to take this opportunity to share with all of you some of the new things BER is doing to get your field QA completed.
As you may or may not know, RESNET has made some changes as to how Providers can perform QA this year. Currently, they are allowing for Providers to perform “Remote QA & Mentoring” through September 30th, 2020 in addition to the typical on-site verification process. But the questions many of you may ask are: What exactly is Remote QA? How is it performed? How does it affect me?

  • What is Remote QA? In essence, it is exactly that; QA that is performed in a remotely monitored scenario. Typically, BER uses GTM (GoToMeeting) to provide this service, but we have used other virtual meeting platforms as well. Raters can reach out to BER to review which project(s) are available or will be coming up for QA. BER arranges for a GTM where the Rater logs in via a cellphone, tablet, or computer in the field. On the other end of the GTM is one of BER’s QAD staff members.
  • How is Remote QA performed? BER QAD staff will monitor the Rater as they perform data collection and performance testing of the minimum rated features of the home. BER QAD staff will have the ability to take photos of various portions of the testing. When you submit the rating to the BER Portal, the BER QAD will take the submitted rating file and compare it to the information gathered during the Remote QA. Do not worry, you still will have the ability to chat with the BER QAD throughout this process.
  • How does this affect the Rater? Great news, it does not. This just gives the Rater and BER QAD another option for satisfying your annual required RESNET 1% QA review. BER has already had great success performing Remote QA.

As your QA Provider, BER would like to encourage Raters not to wait for us to contact them. Rather, feel free to reach out to us to schedule Remote QA. Although we prefer to see Raters in person, we also understand that there are circumstances that may make Remote QA a better choice.

If there are RFI’s or Rater Candidates who would like to perform their mentored ratings remotely, BER can help there as well. Again, just reach out to BER QAD staff to discuss and arrange for these services. Just remember that all prerequisites must be completed prior to scheduling your Remote Mentoring.

To successfully perform a Remote QA or Remote Mentoring session, there are some things you need to know. As with all home inspections, the Rater/Student is required to have the basic tools of the trade: blower door, duct tester, manometers, lights, camera, etc. Additionally, a remote session can only be performed with a computer device such as a phone, tablet, or laptop with a good internet connection. The computer device must be portable enough to carry around the house and allow the QAD to verify and photograph all minimum rated features. A minimum 3G cellular connection is required, but 4G or wireless internet is preferred. If it is not possible to verify a minimum rated feature or maintain a solid internet connection, then the house is not eligible for Remote QA. Also, be sure the virtual meeting software is installed on the computer device before going out into the field and the device is fully charged with minimum 3-hour run time. The detailed protocol from RESNET for conducting a Remote QA may be found by CLICKING HERE.

BER extends its best to all reading this. We are here to support you, make you successful, and assist with your QA endeavors as we all move forward!