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EPA Indoor airPLUS Verification

Building Performance--including Home Energy Ratings--is predicated on the idea that buildings should be safe, comfortable, durable, and energy efficient. Safety comes first, and that is why Indoor airPLUS is an essential program to bring to your builders. You can download the Indoor airPLUS verification checklist here.

Indoor airPLUS gives builders another method to distinguish the quality of their homes by adding a government-backed certification that signifies that their homes are built with occupant health and safety in mind. Furthermore, earning the Indoor airPLUS Label will help builders meet many of the requirements of the new ENERGY STAR v3 standard.

Home buyers expect (although they rarely actually get) a home that is safe. The better and tighter the homes we build, the more important indoor air quality becomes. Combustion appliances inside the building envelope, moisture management, potential contaminants from the garage, pests, potential radon, materials that offgas. . . all of these need to be addressed in detail and to the extent possible by the builder and--at the very least--explained to the homeowner. Remember that the wildcard in the interaction of the building envelope, the mechanical systems, and the occupants is people in the house. We have built-in airbags to protect us in our cars, and we should have built-in safeguards against potentially hazardous environmental conditions in our homes. Close attention to indoor air quality up front minimizes the potential for problems in the future for the families who live there.

BER recommends Indoor airPlus certification for every home you rate.


To learn how BER can help you sell your EPA Indoor airPLUS verification services, contact us to become a member.