ENERGY STAR v3 Online Training for HERS Raters

We understand that taking time off of work to attend additional training is not an option for most Raters. That is why we are offering Raters the ability to attend the ENERGY STAR v3 Rater online training. The BER's online ENERGY STAR v3 training will provide 18 hours of RESNET Professional Development Hours, and will also feature training on the EPA's Indoor airPLUS program. The ENERGY STAR v3 training will be presented in six two hour modules that may be viewed on demand so that Raters don't have to worry about about missing work. Raters may attend training from the comfort of their own home or office, thus eliminating the travel and hotel costs associated with traditional classroom training. The ENERGY STAR v3 training can be taken in any order and at the Rater's own pace. The cost of the exam is included, and it may also be taken online once all Modules have been completed.

The six modules will cover the following topics:

  • ENERGY STAR version 3 online training Module 1: Overview, version 2.5, and energy modeling for v3 and v2.5
  • ENERGY STAR version 3 online training Module 2: Thermal Enclosure Checklist (part 1)
  • ENERGY STAR version 3 online training Module 3: Thermal Enclosure Checklist (part 2)
  • ENERGY STAR version 3 online training Module 4: HVAC Quality Checklists (part 1)
  • ENERGY STAR version 3 online training Module 5: HVAC Quality Checklists (part 2)
  • ENERGY STAR version 3 online training Module 6: Water Management Checklist and EPA Indoor airPLUS

Each online training session will include periodic quizzes to check for program comprehension. The ESv3 training exam may be taken online, on demand following the completion of all 6 training sessions to confirm a Rater's preparedness to begin verification for ENERGY STAR v3.

Here are some of the many benefits of completing The BER's ENERGY STAR v3 online training:

1. First, and most importantly, it is convenient. You can take the sessions from home, eliminating travel expenses and lost time at work or with your family. Once the training is paid for, Raters will have the ability to take ENERGY STAR version 3 training modules online, on demand, and at their own pace, from the comfort of their home or office.

2. Second, we offer bonus training material no one else does in the form of an integrated Indoor airPLUS/Water Management Checklist training, and the HVAC Contractor Checklist training, which we are not required to train Raters, but believe all Raters should have in their repertoire.

3. Third, our training utilizes the expertise of multiple industry professionals, such as Eurihea Speciale (16 years operating a successful construction company, 5 years as a RESNET QAD and HERS Provider manager), Chris McTaggart (5 years as QADD and home performance assessment professional), Ed Voytovich (25 years as a home remodeler and home performance consultant), and Joe Ludy (HVAC and home performance professional and industry expert on HVAC and home performance testing and consulting).

4. Fourth, once you take our training, you can come back as many times as you wish and watch the presentations again. With two day classroom or live online training, it’s a one-time shot to learn and try to retain all that information all in two days.

5. Finally, the price is right! The cost for all six modules and the exam is now only $299. BER Rater members will receive a $50 discount.* There is no charge to come back and take the individual sessions again after you have registered below.

Simply click the registration button below to register for the ENERGY STAR v3 online HERS rater training and reserve your spot today.


Once registered, students will receive an email with a link and login information to attend the ESv3 training modules. It is recommended, but not required, that students finish all 6 modules within 1 month.