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Beyond ENERGY STAR Training

Welcome to Beyond ENERGY STAR Training

Beyond ENERGY STAR training is the first course to combine DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes, EPA Indoor airPLUS, net zero homes, and passive house program trainings into one comprehensive curriculum. Whether you are a veteran HERS Rater, a building performance professional that is interested in taking advantage of the updates to the 45L tax credit, or just getting started in the industry, you will learn something new in the online Beyond ENERGY STAR training from BER.

Beyond ENERGY STAR Training Overview

Beyond ENERGY STAR training combines industry trends, program essentials, and all the things we've learned along the way. It covers:

45L Tax Credit Calculation

The latest updates to the 45L Tax Credit

Beyond ENERGY STAR is centered around the recently updated 45L Tax Credit and offers in-depth training on the programs required to earn the tax credit.

EPA Indoor airPLUS (IAP) and DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH)

EPA Indoor airPLUS (IAP) and DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH)

Learn the ins and outs of the two essential government programs required to maximize the 45L Tax Credit. The ZERH content covers both the legacy 1.0 and newly released 2.0 versions. IAP modules cover the current version 1.0.

green building features and net zero energy homes

ENERGY STAR and Green Building Basics

The Beyond ENERGY STAR course is grounded in the basics of the ENERGY STAR program and will also cover popular programs like passive house and net-zero homes.

The course is offered as video modules on-demand. Knowledge checks follow each module, and there is a comprehensive exam at the end of the course. While not required to participate in the programs, students will benefit from the experiential knowledge BER QADs have gathered in the field and will be ready to apply their new in-depth knowledge to their business.

Six (6) RESNET Professional Development Hours are available for successful completion of this course.

Beyond ENERGY STAR Training Includes

On Demand Video Modules

Four video modules with 16 in-depth lessons covering the above-code programs required to take full advantage the 45L Tax Credit including:

  • EPA Indoor airPLUS
  • DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes
  • Advanced ENERGY STAR topics such as energy modeling

Technical Support & Resources

  • Access our team of expert QADs for dedicated support via BER Support System or phone
  • Downloadable resources to aid learning comprehension and for easy reference after course completion

Quizzes & Exam

  • Knowledge check quizzes throughout each lesson
  • Module review quizzes
  • Comprehensive exam at the end of the course 

Certificate of Completion

Market yourself and your services as the expert in the covered above-code programs; the Key to Maximizing the 45L Tax Credit! 

  • Earn your Certificate of Completion after passing the final exam
  • Students can submit to their RESNET QA Provider for 6 PDHs

Special Offers & Bundles

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45L Pro Bundles

Bundle Beyond ENERGY STAR Training with our ENERGY STAR training programs.

Our 45L Pro Bundles are ideal for Certified HERS Raters, RFIs, and Modelers, as well as builders, architects, engineers, and other energy efficiency professionals looking to gain a better understanding of the programs.

Bundle with ESv3/3.1 Training for a 10% savings! ($40 Discount)

BER offers ENERGY STAR version 3/3.1 Training as an upgrade to the Beyond ENERGY STAR training. This valuable program provides a comprehensive understanding of the ENERGY STAR v3/v3.1 New Homes program requirements.

Bundle with ENERGY STAR Training programs and receive a 10% discount! ($40 savings)

BER offers the ESv3/3.1 and ENERGY STAR MFNC Training bundle as an upgrade to the Beyond ENERGY STAR training with total savings of $139.

These training programs provide a comprehensive understanding of ENERGY STAR Single Family New Homes and ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction program requirements.

45L Rater: Zero to Pro Bundles

Bundle all of BER's most popular training and certification courses to start your career as a HERS Rater. Our best, most complete bundles offered!

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  • Beyond ENERGY STAR

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  • Beyond ENERGY STAR