LEED for Homes Providership & Training

Building Efficiency Resources (The BER) is proud to announce that we have officially partnered with the GreenHome Institute (GHI) as a LEED for Homes
partner in order to help promote greener and healthier residential construction practices through the LEED for Homes program.

The GreenHome Institute (GHI) is one of the original LEED for Homes providers and has certified over 6,000 homes and educated over 1,000 professionals on how to build and design better homes through LEED.

Through this collaboration, BER Raters who are currently certified or plan to become LEED for Homes Green Raters will now enjoy the benefits of enhanced technical support, streamlined Quality Assurance, as well overall savings on Green Rater training and certification.

LEED for Homes Providership

With over 150,000 certified residential LEED homes across the globe it’s easy to see that LEED for Home is a growing certification program. LEED utilizes the ENERGY STAR Homes program and HERS index as its baseline for energy points and as such HERS Raters are prequalified and trained to deliver the LEED for Homes review on their projects.

BER Raters who are currently certified as Green Raters may now join GHI and benefit from streamlined QA performed for all of your HERS ratings, ENERGY STAR projects and LEED for Homes projects by the same organization. This will result in enhanced quality oversight consistency, improved affordability, and overall savings in time and money by being able to incorporate quality assurance efforts.

Green Rater Training

BER Raters who are interested in providing LEED for Homes certification services will now be able to complete LEED for Homes trainings hosted by BER and conducted by GHI. BER Raters will also receive an exclusive discounted rate for Green Rater training.

BER Raters who need to complete course prerequisites to qualify for the Green Rater training will be able to do so during one of the scheduled Green Rater courses, or by attending convenient online courses offered by GHI.

In addition to the Green Rater training, GHI will offer LEED for Homes mentorship for all BER Raters who complete their training, at no additional charge. This will allow you to complete your certification requirements and become a full-fledged Green Rater without having to register your own projects.

For information on upcoming Green Rater training and to register for a course, please visit our LEED for Homes Green Rater Training webpage.

We encourage our raters to explore this exciting new opportunity to expand their businesses!