RESNET Makes Changes to RFI Certification Process

Due to technical challenges and lack of technical support for the JobWerks program, as well as the technical complexity and cost of managing the JobWerks platforms outweighing the benefits of it use, RESNET has decided to abandon it use. Instead, RESNET has developed a simpler and less expensive interim graded field evaluation. The requirements for RFI certification have not changed--only the method of collecting the proof of field performance.

RFI candidates will need to perform five mentored inspections observed by a HERS rater or a QAD with the interim RESNET RFI Field Evaluation Form. At least one (1) must be a rough in inspection and one (1) must be a final inspection. The interim forms are available at:

RESNET also now requires copies of the RFI Field Evaluation Forms that were used for the five required mentored inspections and supporting photos be kept by the Rating Provider for up to three years and be available to RESNET when requested. To comply with this requirement, all documentation must be submitted to BER and approved prior to scheduling the graded field evaluation.

As per current RESNET Standards, the final graded field evaluation shall be performed under the observation of a certified trainer, Quality Assurance Designee, or QAD Delegate.

For a candidate to pass the final graded field evaluation, the RESNET RFI Field Evaluation Form must indicate all applicable rated features (as outlined in Appendix A- On-Site Inspection Procedures for Minimum Rated Features) were completed as satisfactory.

RFI Candidates are required to purchase the CAZ license through a Provider.

To better serve you, BER now offers an RFI Training package that includes all requirements to become a Certified RFI. For more information on BER’s RFI Training and certification program, please clik here.